What is Counselling?

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Counselling gives help and support to:

•  Explore your situation in confidence.

•  Develop more understanding of your difficulties.

•  Recognise and decide on choices you may have.

    People consider seeing a counsellor for many different reasons. Counselling can help you see things more clearly, perhaps from a different perspective. It can enable you to make choices and reduce confusion.

    The Person-Centred approach, which I believe in and work within, does not involve giving advice or directing you to a particular course of action. This way of being alongside you believes in your unique potential i.e. that everyone has their own answers and that given a safe, supportive relationship and accepting environment in which to explore your issues you will be able to draw upon your own resources to find solutions and coping strategies.

    I aim to offer a respectful, confidential environment, working to create a relationship where you can feel heard, accepted as you are and understood enough to support you through your experience/ exploration at a pace guided by you, discovering more about yourself and your situation in the process.

    In Person-Centred Counselling, the quality of the therapeutic relationship that we form is the basis of this theory. In an environment where you experience the therapist as accepting, empathizing with your issues and your way of being and offering you a relationship that feels honest, open and trustworthy enables you, to explore the issues or situations that cause you difficulty or discomfort. Together we can focus on what may be preventing you from getting the most out of your life and relationships. This can involve looking at all aspects of your experience - your comprehension i.e. the unique way that you make meaning and sense of your world, your feelings and emotions, your reactions/responses and also your needs. Working in this way helps you to become more aware of yourself, to accept yourself and to integrate these different aspects of yourself and your  experience, hence reducing anxiety or distress and growing into allowing your natural healing tendency to emerge.

People from all walks of life find counselling helpful,


for example, you may be experiencing ...

  1.     Emotional upheaval.

  2.    Transitions.

  3.     Distress, loss or bereavement.

  4.    Depression, anxiety, isolation or loneliness.

  5.    Separation

  6.     Worry or confusion at work or at home.

  7.    Difficulties or change in relationships and family issues.

  8.    Gender and sexuality.

  9.    Issues with addictions.

  10.       ... and many more.

  11.    I also offer support for people who want to explore their

  12.    own potential for personal change or growth.